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Exploring the unknown advantages of silk rugs

Intricate and beautiful silk rugs are a coveted luxury floor covering that can command high prices. Oriental and Persian rugs sometimes include silk for its natural properties like its lustrous sheen that catches the light, however, there is more than meets the eye to these attractive items. Read on to discover some lesser-known benefits of silk rugs.

All-weather appeal

Silk is classed as a breathable material, so when your household interacts with your rug it can regulate body their temperature. Whether you’re relaxing with your feet on the rug, or pets and children play on it, silk can keep everyone warm over winter and cooler in the summer months.


A substantial benefit of silk is the hypoallergenic properties it offers. Silk can naturally resist mildew, mould and dust mites, making it an ideal rug choice for sufferers of allergies and asthma.


Silk is renowned for being soft to the touch and underfoot. However, it is also exceptionally strong. The Silk fibres in luxury rugs are incredibly resilient and robust and are often used in rug construction. As a result, durable silk rugs can last for years when correctly cared for.

Silk rug care

To preserve silk rugs, professional cleaning is always advised. While strong, silk requires gentle but effective techniques that deep clean while never causing damage. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we have perfect silk rug care with our nine-step cleaning system. For silk rug cleaning, Essex homeowners can call on us for a dependable service today.


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