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Four things you might not know about luxury Persian rugs

Attractive additions to any room, Persian rugs are often seen as valuable investments. Well made by skilled weavers using high-quality materials, they are designed for years of use and often handed down through families. Prepare to update your understanding of Persian rugs as we explore some lesser-known facts about their history, construction, and care requirements.

Persian rugs have a long history

Persian rugs are recognised as being among the oriental rug types with the longest history. The oldest known rug is believed to date to the fourth or fifth century. Over hundreds of years, these rugs, which were once purely functional, have become prized possessions, coveted for their luxury look and feel.

Persian rugs are hand-crafted artworks

Featuring intricate patterns and designs, each Persian rug is woven by hand, making it utterly unique. Their colours and designs are often selected to reflect ancient Persian culture and each rug is painstakingly knotted by hand by skilled weavers.

Persian rugs are environmentally friendly

Persian rugs are considered eco-friendly products. This is because the materials involved in making them are all-natural. Plant-based dyes give Persian rugs their colour, while their yarns are made of wool, cotton and even silk in rare examples. Hardwearing, their durable quality means they rarely require replacing, but when they do, recycling is never an issue.

Professional cleaning can protect Persian rugs

To protect a Persian rug as an investment or appealing floor covering, professional cleaning is advised. Deep cleaning by professionals using considerate but effective methods can extend their lifespan and keep them looking beautiful.

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