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How are wool rugs professionally cleaned?

While traditional wool rugs are hand woven, modern versions are tufted. Together, they are some of the most common rugs for which professional cleaning is necessary.

Robust and exceptionally versatile, wool has multiple characteristics that make it ideal for manufacturing rugs. However, caring for these rugs correctly takes considerate cleaning procedures and products, specifically suited to wool.

To avoid any colour loss, wool rugs are dye tested, and to avoid impact to their fibres, soil is removed using a non-invasive technique. With 40,000 mini harmonic vibrations, all dry soil is gently removed.

Wool rugs are immersed in a built-for-purpose rug-soaking trough. This method allows water mixed with a mild cleaning detergent to effectively loosen any soiling. As no harsh chemicals or powerful water jets are employed, wool fibres are never harmed.

Expert rug cleaners then wash wool rugs in specially designed rug-washing pools, where they can be completely submerged. During this process, all cleaning detergents are entirely flushed from the rug’s fibres using softened water. Experts agree that this is by far the safest way available to wash handmade wool rugs. It effectively replicates processes that have been traditionally employed for centuries, but carries them out in a modern controlled setting for consistent results every time.

If you’re looking for expert wool rug cleaning in Colchester, we can help. The above processes are just three of our in-depth nine-step cleaning method. Get in touch with our attentive team at Rug Cleaning Studio and benefit from our stress-free service, which always delivers.


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