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How can professional rug cleaning improve indoor air quality?

While a dirty rug can ruin the aesthetic of your home, it can also have a negative impact on your home’s air. Rugs can carry a multitude of miniscule particles unnoticed which are released into your indoor air when disturbed. From creating unpleasant smells to irritating your eyes, nose, throat and skin, this unwanted matter has many consequences.

Trapped allergens and pollutants

Over time, in regular use rugs accumulate a wide range of debris like dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen and even mould and mildew where damp conditions exist. This microscopic matter can’t be seen by the naked eye, but becomes embedded deep in rug fibres, especially luxury floor coverings with thicker pile. While regular vacuuming deals with surface dirt, it can’t always reach particles right down at the rug’s backing.

Sitting or simply stepping on a rug sends allergens and pollutants into the air as does switching on your central heating system. Rooms can smell, eyes and noses can run and itch, coughing and sneezing begins and our breathing feels laboured.

Fight poor air quality with professional rug cleaning in Essex

At Rug Cleaning Studio, we combine dependable techniques to rid rugs of unwanted matter that impacts indoor air-quality. Tens of thousands of mini-harmonic vibrations are used to extract dry matter, while deep cleaning penetrates right to the root of each rug fibre, ensuring no build-up of pollutants is present. Bacteria-killing treatments are also applied, which ensure any unwanted microorganisms in your rug are removed.

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