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Is vacuuming enough to clean a luxury rug?

Many rug owners mistakenly believe that daily vacuuming is enough to keep their floor coverings in great shape. While regular vacuuming can be helpful, it does have limitations which can put rugs at risk without booking professional cleaning periodically.

Why isn’t vacuuming enough for rugs?

Even the best vacuum cleaners will only collect a portion of the dirt, grit, dust, and invaders like mites accumulated by your rug. This is because the working parts of vacuums like rotating beater brushes and suction features can’t reach the very bottom of a rug. It is here that unwanted eventually particles migrate after filtering down or being worked in the fibres. At the backing of the rug, dusts and other contaminants become trapped in the yarns and knots. Vacuuming rug fringes can also cause damage when the sensitive strands are sucked up.

What can professional rug cleaning offer?

Instead of just removing surface dirt, professional services deep clean rugs right to the backing. All dry soil is extracted from rugs using tiny vibrations before the rug is completely soaked and washed with a non-chemical detergent. Rugs are then plunged into a washing pool and completely submerged to flush out any cleaning products. Rug fringes are dealt with by hand during this process with careful grooming.

If you need professional rug cleaning expert in Essex, you can trust our team. We provide a nine-step cleaning process that deep cleans rugs, leaving them fresh and ready for use. Reach out to us here at the Rug Cleaning Studio for a first-class service.


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