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Key concerns when cleaning shag pile rugs

Shag pile rugs, sometimes referred to as long pile rugs, are attractive floor coverings which create a luxury feel in contemporary spaces. Their deep pile also makes them exceptionally comfortable to sit on or walk across. However, these rugs require regular attention to ensure they keep these qualities.

Rug upkeep around the house

Homeowners can provide some weekly and on-the-spot care for shag pile rugs, to keep them in good shape, but sometimes this job is left to professionals. A professional cleaning service will have the tools to refresh any kind of rug without inflicting harm. The long fibres can block the nozzle of home vacuum cleaners, but professionals remove dry soil with thousands of miniature vibrations.

Experts also have techniques to handle tough stains. Dealing with a spillage on long pile rugs is especially difficult as stains can penetrate right to the backing, making them hard to resolve. Even when owners feel confident to care for luxury rugs, it’s wise to arrange professional cleaning periodically to preserve them for years of use.

Difficulties with washing and drying

Wet washing and drying incorrectly can cause shag pile rugs to shrink and even disperse remaining cleaning fluid particles into your living space, causing irritation and allergies. Professional cleaners deep clean rugs in washing pools that efficiently flush mild detergents out and have dehumidification drying rooms; these rooms never shrink shag pile the way a tumble dryer will.

If you require rug cleaning services in Essex for a shag pile rug, you can count on us. Contact the Rug Cleaning Studio today and benefit from our nine-step cleaning approach.


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