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Key concerns when cleaning silk rugs

For thousands of years, silk has featured in the creation of high-value floor coverings like Persian and silk rugs. A natural fibre produced from the larvae cocoons of the silk moth, silk is highly prized by makers and owners alike for its unique properties. While silk threads are soft to touch and lustrous to look at, they are also strong. As a result, silk is used both in rug construction and for decorative elements.

Keeping silk rugs in perfect condition involves specific challenges; here, we look at how a professional rug cleaner with a knowledge of these elegant artworks can help.

Silk rugs are sensitive

The delicate nature of silk rugs can see them easily damaged if they receive incorrect treatment. Careless handling, strong chemical cleaners and high washing temperatures must be avoided. Professional cleaners use gentle yet efficient methods that are centuries old, but updated with a controlled setting.

Silk rugs have a moisture weakness

Too much moisture can put silk rugs at risk from multiple threats. These include shrinking, weakened fibres and even mildew growth. Specialist cleaners have equipment like centrifuges and dehumidifying drying rooms that ensures rugs are moisture free before they are returned home.

Silk rugs can absorb stains

When a spill occurs, the highly absorbent nature of silk increases the risk of a stain. Professionals understand how to extract stains without simply making matters worse; home cleaning attempts are prone to this mistake. Using effective treatments, stains are attended to individually.

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