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Reasons why professional rug care is better than home cleaning

When you’re looking to cut costs, trying to clean rugs by yourself can seem like a valid option. However, the multiple benefits of putting a professional to the task may change your mind. Read on to learn more.

Making matters worse

Without knowledge and experience of cleaning rugs, you can do more harm than good. Professionals not only understand the best ways to remove an unwanted mark, but know the specific needs of luxury rug materials. Some rugs have unstable dyes that experience colour loss, while others can become discoloured without a pre-wash treatment.

Ideal environment for rug cleaning

Rugs can be large and heavy items to move and need space to clean and dry properly. Most homes lack the room required and the equipment best suited to their care. Professionals collect rugs and clean them in their studios where they have built-for-purpose equipment like large pools and troughs for soaking and rinsing them. They also have centrifuges and dehumidification drying rooms. Without such solutions, rugs can’t be deep cleaned and dried effectively.

Attentive care

Rug cleaning is a time-consuming process, and experts can give your floor covering their full attention. This includes hand grooming fringes and rug pile, so it returns its soft-to-the-touch qualities. Professional care also neutralises bacteria, benefiting the overall health of your household.

If you need professional rug cleaning services in Essex, we can help. Get in touch with our team today at the Rug Cleaning Studio to access our expert assistance.


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