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The risks of dry cleaning your luxury rug

Here in the UK, you’ll find many dry cleaners offering a service for rugs and carpets alongside clothes and curtains.

While you might consider it convenient to clean all your items at the same time, when it comes to luxury rugs, this can have consequences.

Read on to find out why it’s best to use a professional rug cleaner.

Incorrect cleaning methods

Every luxury rug is unique, and crafted with different and distinct materials that dictate how they should be cleaned.

Using the incorrect cleaning process can result in irreparable damage. For instance, some dry cleaners use steam cleaning, which can be too hot for some rug types, leading to dye loss and other issues.

Professional rug cleaners inspect and test rugs before cleaning occurs. This lets them identify materials and their needs, but also whether their dyes are stable.

Many luxury rugs use natural dyes that can create charming colours, but are highly unstable.

Expert cleaners add a dye fix that stops colours loss occurring during cleaning, and only use processes and water temperatures that rugs can cope with.

Chemical cleaning

Dry cleaners often use chemical cleaning to refresh rugs.

Harsh chemicals can be hazardous to the natural fibres that many luxury rugs are hand-woven from like silk, cotton and wool. Unwanted effects include rugs fading or their fibres being broken down, leading to a loss of appearance and shortening their lifespan overall.

At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we never use strong chemicals to care for rugs. Instead, we use custom equipment that replicates traditional techniques, employing softened water and mild detergents that are safe for rugs. For professional rug cleaning in Essex, call us today.


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