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Three ways to help your luxury rug avoid soiling

With their exquisite patterns and rich colours, Persian and Oriental rugs make impressive features for well-appointed rooms. While these rugs were originally crafted to be functional using hand knotted weaving and robust natural materials like wool and cotton, in daily use they can become dirty over time. Here, we look at three ways you can limit your rug’s exposure to soiling.

Rotating rugs

Large area rugs often don’t get moved too often, especially when they’re under heavy furniture. Unfortunately, this means the same part of your rug is constantly coping with daily dirt. Take the time to rotate your rugs periodically so they don’t become subject to excessive soiling.

Placing rugs

If your rug seems to be getting dirty quicker, consider its location. If it’s in a high-traffic area or close to an entrance to your home, it’s likely to be more susceptible to muck from outdoors. Try moving your luxury rug to a safer spot and try out mats which are easy to clean for places with heavy footfall.

Protective treatments

Today, you can protect your rug with a treatment designed to extend professional cleaning intervals. Sealing it against spills, stains and soil it will stay looking flawless for longer.

As part of our comprehensive service, upon request at the Rug Cleaning Studio we will add an invisible layer of protection to your rug to defend it against harm and prevent it from becoming dirty in between professional cleans. For Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in Essex, contact us today.


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