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Understanding the role of silk in luxury rugs

For thousands of years, silk has been included in the construction of rugs and has spawned many beautiful creations. Silk has different qualities such as strength and softness, and as a result, it is used in different ways when luxury rugs are made. Read on to understand silk’s role in rug making and how you can clean rugs containing this expensive element.

Silk in luxury rug construction

As a robust material, silk is typically selected for its tensile strength to create the warp and weft of rugs. However, its expensive and shiny appearance has seen it become a sought-after element for rug pile. Silk pile is often employed to highlight specific parts of a design in expensive rugs. As silk pile rugs lack resistance to mechanical stress, all-silk rugs are better suited to hanging on walls than floor placement.

Caring for luxury rugs with silk

As mentioned, silk has reputation for strength, however, rugs with silk must still be cleaned considerately and gently to protect them. For instance, no harsh chemical cleaning fluids should be used nor power wash and jet cleaning techniques, which may result in damage. Additionally, to ensure their pile remains soft to the touch, extra grooming is also required.

At Rug Cleaning Studio, our team is experienced in refreshing silk rugs and understanding how to care for them. We use traditional but in-depth cleaning methods and attentive hand grooming to return silk rugs to their former glory. For silk rug cleaning in Colchester and Ipswich, reach out to us today.


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