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Understanding viscose rugs and how to clean them

While silk and wool rugs will never go out of fashion, today modern designers create rugs from an extensive selection of materials. Among these new products, are rugs which are partly, or entirely made of viscose, a material renowned for its silk-like appearance. Read on as we explore viscose rugs and their care requirements.

What is viscose?

Viscose is a man-made fibre which is manufactured from all-natural products like paper pulp, bamboo, and wood. Sometimes referred to as “art silk” viscose is used by designers to make modern rugs and in some instances, they employ it alongside wool to create a design which commands attention against the overall pattern.

Cleaning concerns of viscose rugs

As they often contain wood cellulose fibres, viscose rugs easily absorb water, making cleaning a tricky business. Additionally, viscose is pH sensitive. As a result, attempts to clean viscose with simple tap water can cause unsightly brown stains and ruin a rug.

Fortunately, professional cleaning services with experience of caring for viscose incorporate its specific needs into their process. Viscose rugs are cleaned with water that contains an acid rinse, which renders the fibres safe to clean.

If you need assistance with viscose rug cleaning in Colchester, we can help. Reach out to the Rug Cleaning Studio today for a quick and convenient service from experts who understand the specific requirements of rugs made from different materials – everything from man-made fibres like viscose to traditional silk and wool yarns.


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