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What are the key cleaning risks to rugs?

If you’re looking to save money, it’s understandable that you might consider a DIY approach to cleaning your rug. However, luxury rugs require professional care from experienced operators.

In fact, rugs are often at considerable risk during cleaning if those undertaking the task don’t understand the rug’s specific needs. Whether you possess a Persian, Oriental, or luxury rug, read on to understand the potential threats.

Colour bleed

Expensive rugs are often created using natural dyes and, when washed, colours can migrate or fade. As a result, professional cleaners always dye test rugs before care and, if required, add a dye fix to prevent any colour bleed.


When luxury rugs become wet, their natural fibres like wool can shrink. While rugs may need soaking, washing, and rinsing to perform a deep clean, professionals understand that rugs must be dried correctly and completely to avoid this unwanted effect. They have specially designed equipment that ensures all unwanted moisture is extracted entirely.

Aesthetic damage

Antique and antique-style rugs often feature complex geometric patterns and pictorial designs featuring animals and flowers. When attended to roughly with a scrubbing brush, the surface of rugs and their appearance can become disturbed, and patterns distorted. For this reason, professional rug cleaners finish caring for rugs with hand grooming to ensure they retain their impeccable appearance.

At our custom-built studio, our expert team have the experience, skills and tools required to considerately clean rugs with values of up to £10,000 and beyond. Reach out the Rug Cleaning Studio now for rug cleaning services in Essex.


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