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What does the term colourfast mean for luxury rug care?

Luxury floor covering like Persian and Oriental rugs are celebrated for their attractive colours. Often, rugs are selected based on the hues they include to complement the décor of the room in which they feature.

As a result, when cleaning becomes necessary, it is important to find out if rugs are “colourfast” before any processes take place. Put simply, colourfastness refers to how easily colours will fade or bleed when rugs are washed.

Regardless of how considerate the cleaning methods and products are, the dyes that give a luxury rug its colours can be washed out or migrated during care. Dyes may be lost when rugs are soaked and rinsed, or bleed into other areas muddying colours. Imagine the rich reds and blues of your rug moving into cream areas and the consequences.

To promote colourfastness and mitigate dye loss or migration, professional cleaners perform dye tests on rugs before cleaning commences. With an understanding that many types of expensive rugs use vegetable and other natural dyes that are highly unstable, colours are tested and if any indication of bleeding presents itself, experts apply a special dye fix. This pre-treatment safeguards the rug’s dyes so that an in-depth clean can be carried out to remove all dirt and dust from the rug effectively.

If you need experts who understand the special requirements of luxury floor covering, you can trust the Rug Cleaning Studio. To access our VIP rug cleaning service in Colchester, book a collection now.


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