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What is a Gabbeh rug?

A kind of hand-knotted Persian rug, Gabbeh rugs are well-known for their simple-but-striking appearance and for featuring abstract designs. Their name originates from the Persian word “gava”, meaning uncut or raw, which reflects the coarse weave and primitive style they sport.

Celebrated for their beauty and quality, Gabbeh rugs are popular with owners of high-end homes and are considered works of art by experts.

What are Gabbeh rugs made of?

Traditionally, wool is the chosen material to weave Gabbeh rugs. The rugs originate with the Iranian Qashqai nomads who were shepherds with free access to wool of high quality. The wool is spun by hand giving Gabbeh rugs their distinctive resilience and texture. To create the warm and rich colours they bear, plant-based natural dyes are usually used.

Caring for Gabbeh rugs

Thanks to their thick pile and hand-knotted construction, Gabbeh rugs have a reputation for being robust and, therefore, long-lasting. However, this also means they can amass a considerable amount of dust that vacuum cleaners can seldom cope with. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, we perform nine-stage innovative cleaning on the Gabbeh rugs in our care.

This includes removing dry soiling with thousands of micro vibrations, as well as deep cleaning and drying in custom-made equipment for effective dust removal and deep cleaning. We also test rugs before cleaning and protect their natural dyes when unstable using a specialised fixative that prevents colour bleed.

For expert Persian rug cleaning in Colchester, call us today and book our simple-to-use service.


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