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What is preventative rug care?

Luxury rugs can carry high price tags. Prized for their hand craftsmanship and artistic elegance, Oriental and Persian rugs can easily have values entering the tens of thousands. Made with robust natural materials, expensive hand-knotted rugs can endure for years and kept for posterity but require owners to protect them.

Preventative rug care can keep rugs in optimum condition for years, but what does it involve? Read on to learn more.

Annual professional cleaning

Regular deep cleaning by experts is the most valuable form of preventative care rug owners can adopt. Professional cleaners can reverse the build up of dust and dirt before it compacts and inflicts irreversible harm on rugs. Experts should also be called on to deal with emergencies like spills and stains.

Protective treatments

Services supplying professional rug cleaning in Essex and other parts of the UK can also guard beloved rugs with an invisible protective treatment that defends them against accidents.

Rug positioning and placement

Keeping rugs out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time can preserve their colours. The thick pile of luxury rugs can sometimes absorb moisture so removing them from damp areas can also proactively protect them. Finally, turning and moving rugs, as well as placing them in less frequented parts of your property, can reduce excessive wear to their yarns.

Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, we offer our clients and conscientious and considerate service. We will collect your rug and care for it at our specialist premises before bringing it home fresher than ever. Get in touch today to keep your rug in excellent condition.


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