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Why autumn is an important time for professional rug cleaning

Whether you have deep shag pile on the floors of your rooms or a luxury Persian rug, you’ll know that professional cleaning is key to keeping your floor coverings in great shape. While any time of year is an excellent time to refresh your rugs, autumn is an ideal season for the job. Below, we’ll look at the key reasons why.

Protection from allergens

Over spring and summer, a many plant particles like pollen enter homes when the windows are open. As autumn arrives and rooms become less ventilated, the pollen embedded deep in the fibres of luxury rugs is dispersed along with dust mites by central heating causing allergic reactions. Professional cleaning reaches deeper into rugs, removing all potential irritants and creating a cleaner atmosphere.

Mitigating bacteria breeding

While sealed rooms might optimise the use of central heating, they also create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which thrives in warm most environments. Professional cleaning incudes bacteria killing treatments which cause no harm to rugs and leave no lasting odours, ensuring you enjoy a healthier living space over the colder months of the year.

If you’re looking for stress-free and expert autumn rug cleaning in Essex, we are here to help. At Rug Cleaning Studio, we can care for any type of luxury rug, using tried and tested methods. Call our team today to arrange collection of your rug and we’ll return it to you reinvigorated and ready to use.


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