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A prominent city in the county of Essex, Chelmsford is an attractive place to live for many. Combining convenient proximity to the capital alongside outstanding amenities and picturesque rural landscapes, the area has much to offer. Well-appointed homes can be found in the city centre, but also further out in coveted locations like Old Moulsham, Chelmer Village and Great Baddow. Whether homeowners are seeking to compliment the traditional charm of their property or create contrast in modern residence, luxury rugs are ideal.

Available in a diverse range of styles and colours, they can add warmth to room when placed on the floor or become a feature when adorning walls. From the elegant designs of Turkish and Persian rugs to the decadence of a deep shag pile, high priced rugs are often prized possessions. However, to ensure they last and keep their appeal, rug owners must correctly clean and care for them. To provide premium peace of mind, at the Rug Cleaning Studio, we offer our experience and skills to provide a stress-free service when you need rug cleaning in Chelmsford.

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Rugs hanging from ceiling drying after being cleaned

What type of rugs are we equipped to clean?

Here at the Rug Cleaning Studio, our area of expertise includes all types of luxury rugs and their specific cleaning needs. We have developed cleaning equipment, processes and products which considerately but effectively refresh high vale rugs, with many worth up to £10,000.

Many deep modern luxury rugs such as shag pile can accumulate a high volume of dust that daily vacuuming can’t cope with. If left undisturbed, compacted dust particles grind against the pile, biting into fibres causing damage. Dust build-up can also make rugs appear lifeless and dull, and their detailed patterns become less defined. Our proven methods penetrate deep into the rug’s backing removing all dust and debris while returning your rug to an impeccable state.

Soft to the touch and exceptionally strong, it’s no surprise that wool is popular natural material used in luxury rug construction. As a result, our team are often asked to clean them and only use expert wool-friendly cleaning procedures and products. Expensive rugs made with silk such as Persian and Oriental rugs require gentle and well-considered cleaning followed by individual hand grooming.

Along with the rugs discussed above, our service regularly cleans an extensive list of rugs like Chinese Superwash, Kilim, viscose, Turkish and Gabbeh.

How we clean expensive rugs in Chelmsford

At Rug Cleaning Studio, we have created a complete service for luxury rugs. Our meticulous process has nine individual steps to guarantee your rug arrives back home fresh and clean. Cleaning is not conducted at your home, but in our studio where we have built-for-purpose equipment that can deliver exceptional results.

First, we examine and identify your rug and perform a dye test. Many luxury rugs use natural dyes which can bleed during cleaning. When this is the case, we treat the rug with a fixative to prevent colour loss. Dry soiling must be removed before rug cleaning can start. This is performed thanks to non-invasive mini harmonic vibrations, which gently remove dust and dirt. Rugs are then soaked inside the rug trough with just a mild detergent. Our strict policy never employs chemicals or power jets, but instead uses traditional cleaning methods which have yielded successful results for centuries.

Rug fringes are now washed and brushed by hand removing any tangles. Next, rugs are completely submerged in a specially built washing pool designed for rugs where detergents are efficiently flushed out. To eradicate obnoxious odours and deal with pet mess contamination, rugs are next treated with a bacteria-killing product. If rugs have persistent stains, they are dealt with individually at no additional cost. Our experienced team hand-groom rugs at this stage and, if you wish, we can add a stain-resistant layer to protect it from spillage and staining.

Persian Rugs Being Cleaned

Rugs are finally dried in our studio’s centrifuge and dehumidified room. Once completely dry, your rug will be delivered back home at a time which is convenient to you.

Rug being cleaned

Do you need professional rug cleaning in Chelmsford?

Serving rug owners in Newmarket and Cambridge our team at Rug Cleaning Studio has earned a reputation for excellence. We are now proud to offer the same specialist service to homeowners in Chelmsford as we extend our reach to Essex.

Fine quality rugs that are improperly cleaned can easily be damaged and lose their value and visual appeal. You can trust our skilled team employ tried and tested methods that will preserve your rugs and restore them to peak condition.

You might be seeking to refresh your luxury rug or require expert help with unpleasant odours or problematic stains, but whatever help you require, you can rely on us here at Rug Cleaning Studio. Get in touch today for strong support.

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