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Around 60 miles outside of London, the city of Colchester is in the northeast of Essex and is often said to be the oldest town in Britain. Its multiple surrounding small villages and towns include West Mersea, Tiptree and Wivenhoe. Many people make their homes in the city, and affluent households can be found in West Colchester, with the highly rated schools in Stanway and Lexden making them attractive places to live.

Like well-designed furniture and professional décor, fine quality rugs are ideal for creating an impressive aesthetic in well-appointed properties. Boasting intricate designs and details and crafted from silk and wool, rugs of all kinds can complement colours schemes or become features in favoured rooms.

However, to keep expensive rugs protected from long-term damage and looking at their best, professional care and cleaning is essential. At the Rug Cleaning Studio, our expert team offer a comprehensive and in-depth service when you need rug cleaning in Colchester.

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What kind of rugs require professional cleaning?

Wool rugs are among the most common types of rugs requiring a professional clean, and need specific wool-friendly cleaning procedures and products. Silk rugs have been made for thousands of years and, while strong, need gentle and careful cleaning, as well as additional grooming, to ensure they remain soft to touch.

Persian and Gabbeh rugs are luxurious but have a deep pile which can become clogged with dust over time and require in-depth cleaning that penetrates right to the backing, while handwoven oriental rugs also need deep cleaning but this should be accompanied with special attention to their fringes, which can become yellow and tangled without proper care.

A more modern rug type is viscose, which is made from natural products like paper pulp, bamboo, and wood. However, viscose requires expert cleaning due to its pH sensitivity. For example, using tap water to clean a viscose rug can result in unpleasant brown stains, but pre-rinsing viscose with acidic washes can render it safe to clean. Thick lush shag pile is another contemporary style of rug that often needs a deep clean.

We understand that all rugs are not the same and each type requires different cleaning. Our trusted team is familiar with every type of rug and have the experience and skills to regularly clean rugs with a value of over £10,000.

What does professional cleaning involve?

We have developed a VIP treatment for rugs designed to leave them fresher, cleaner and free from unwanted odours. Conducted away from your home at our specialist studio to minimise any disruption to your day, we carry out an in-depth, nine-step cleaning process.

First, your rug will be inspected, and dye tested. If necessary, we will apply a dye fix to avoid any bleed during cleaning. Next, we use harmonic vibrations to remove any dry soiling like dirt and dust from your rug before soaking it with mild detergent. No powerful cleaning jets or harsh chemicals are ever used in our cleaning methods, which are all designed to replicate traditional techniques, but in a controlled modern setting which delivers consistent results.

Rug fringes and tassels are tackled next with expert hand grooming, followed by a fully submerged washing to flush detergents with softened water. We use our specially engineered rug washing pool which is the safest way to clean a rug made of wool.

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Do you need expert rug cleaning in Colchester?

Serving Cambridge and Newmarket homeowners with professional cleaning for years, at Rug Cleaning Studio, we are proud to announce we have expanded our service to homes in Colchester, Ipswich, and other areas in Essex and Suffolk.

When expensive rugs don’t receive professional cleaning, they can become damaged, but with specialist care your rugs will get the treatment they require and the cleanliness they deserve.

If the rugs of you home need refreshing, we are ready to help with our nine-step non-intrusive cleaning service. Our specialist team will clean your rugs offsite at our dedicated studio and return them to you at the time that suits you best.

Whether you have stubborn stains which require removal, or simply wish to maintain your rugs to the highest standard, get in touch with us today at the Rug Cleaning Studio.

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