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Six benefits of having a rug professionally cleaned

Those who have purchased professional rug cleaning in Colchester and other parts of the UK understand that an expert service has much to offer.

In this blog, we’ll count down some of the benefits of having a rug professionally cleaned, but also some gains that you might be unaware of. Read on to get informed on where you can access professional rug cleaning in Essex.

1. Expertise and in-depth understanding of rugs

Professional rug cleaning services have the experience and skill to ensure that different types of rugs are cared for effectively without ever harming them. For instance, the first step of professional cleaning involves identifying the type of rug to understand its individual requirements. Before any cleaning happens, rugs are dye tested as some handwoven rugs have unstable dyes. Professionals use a dye fix, which reduces any risk of colour bleed from the rugs.

Different rug materials require specific cleaning methods, like viscose rugs which require an acidic rinse to be added to cleaning water to mitigate their pH sensitivity. Without this step, brown staining can occur.

2. Saving time and energy

Even homeowners with the skills and experience to maintain rugs effectively acknowledge that cleaning them properly is a time consuming and involved process. To deep clean rugs efficiently involves multiple steps, including washing, rinsing, stain and odour removal, hand-grooming and drying, to name just a few.

Some rug designs also include fringes, which can become tangled or yellowed over time. Extra care is required to clean these delicate elements of a rug, which involves considerable time and patience.

Large luxury rugs can be unwieldy requiring considerable effort to clean them thoroughly. Rug cleaning professionals have the people power and specially equipped studios necessary to clean rugs quickly and efficiently. As a result, rug owners face no disruption to their home life during cleaning and when their rugs are returned, they can use them immediately.

3. Correct cleaning equipment and products

While a high-quality vacuum can be used to remove daily dry soil at home, professional rug cleaners have built-for-purpose rug cleaning solutions for a comprehensive deep clean, which reaches right to the backing. Rugs are vibrated using thousands of mini harmonic vibrations to non-invasively remove dust particles thoroughly but gently, while rug soaking trenches and rug washing pools replicate traditional cleaning methods that are kind to wool and other luxury materials.

Specialist rug cleaners never use standard or off-the shelf solutions to clean rugs. No intense jet washing takes place, and no harsh chemicals are ever deployed in professional rug cleaning.

4. Promoting a healthier environment

When carried out by professionals, rug cleaning penetrates deep into the roots of fibres. This is where dust, allergens and contaminants can become embedded and reduce the air quality in homes leading to unpleasant odours, allergies, and worsening the symptoms of those who suffer from respiratory conditions. However, all this unwanted material can be effectively removed with a professional service for a healthier living space.

5. Solving stains and odours

From spilled drinks to pet mess, rugs placed on the floor can easily pick up stains and odours, which can be tough to remove without expertise. In some cases, an inexperienced rug owner can even make matters worse by using an incorrect cleaning technique. Professionals know trusted techniques to remove stubborn stains and use specials anti-bacterial treatments that can eradicate any unwanted odours.

6. Extending the service life of rugs

Professional care and cleaning can prolong the lifespan of a rug considerably. When dirt and debris settle in rugs, it becomes compacted, and when stepped on, cuts into the rug’s yarns, damaging them. Regular removal of this unwanted material can eliminate this danger to the fibres of a rug, protecting the luxury rug but also the investment in what is often an expensive item that can cost an excess of £10,000. A professional service can also offer stain protection treatments that allow rugs to stay cleaner for longer, preserving their appearance for an extended period and prolonged cleaning intervals.

Professional rug cleaning for Ipswich and Colchester customers

Whether you have a beloved Persian wool rug or a luxury oriental rug featuring handwoven silk fibres, you can count on us for professional rug cleaning. At Rug Cleaning Studio, we operate a streamlined service that collects your rug for cleaning offsite before returning it to you dry and ready to use.

Our in-depth cleaning takes a modern take on traditional techniques, recreating rug cleaning processes used for centuries, but in a controlled and contemporary environment for results you can count on. As experts in our industry, we can be called upon to provide professional rug cleaning services for an extensive range of luxury rugs, and include stain removal as a complimentary feature.

Reach out to our expert team at Rug Cleaning Studio now to book our comprehensive nine-step service.


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